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Dave smiling in front of an arid landscape.

Practical accessibility and awesome voiceover to make your message engaging.

Dave delivers perceptive accessibility advice and training alongside warm and powerful audio presentations to engage audiences around the world.

Your project is too important to be juggled between overstretched teams and competing priorities. By only committing attention to a small number of projects at any one time, you can be confident of Dave’s undivided time and attention from start to finish. Dave’s flexible and varied workload maintains his interest enthusiasm. Dave is only truly content when you are. And if you are not entirely happy, you can walk away without it costing a penny.

Confidence, friendliness and sincerity are values that underpin Dave’s commitment to your accessibility or audio project. Dave has proven leadership ability, his management style is built on engagement through consensus and encouraging contributors to play to their strengths and reach potential.

Accessibility audits and audio productions are delivered digitally for rapid distribution. By using off-the-shelf: cloud services, audio production tools and fibre broadband direct from Dave’s home studio, costs are kept to a minimum. Plus, clients have the opportunity to review projects before signing off.

To hear what makes Dave’s service extraordinary, checkout the portfolio and customer testimony. And if Dave has worked for you in the past and you would like your organisation or project featured on this web site, please get in touch.

Dave promises to only contact you when absolutely necessary because he dislikes spam too.

As much as Dave loves the power of communicating with technology, nothing compares with meeting face to face. Dave is based in the UK but willing to travel nationally or internationally to work on your project. No one else has Dave’s combination of assistive technology industry and broadcast media experience. Dave’s versatile voice, willingness to travel, independence, willingness to find a price you can afford and satisfaction promise make him a strong choice for any accessibility or audio projects you may have in mind.

Other than a focus on accessibility and awesome audio, Dave will never try to sell you an ideology or some other mumbo-jumbo you did not request. If your project is not suited to Dave’s skills, he will work with you to find an individual or organisation who can provide a suitable solution.

Dave is about enabling you to deliver practical accessibility and awesome audio. That’s it.

Contact Dave Williams for a free consultation.